Radical Idea Roundup

Walk across the bridge to the stories of another generation. Take a look at this roundup of some of the most innovative inter-generational ideas out there. Watch at least one and let it re-frame and shape the context of how you think about those you interact with. Could you learn something new? Perhaps you have something to offer across those artificial generational boundaries? Rethink the concept of mentoring, it goes both directions and is a relational resource that has profound impact on each person involved.

Preschool in Nursing Home Promotes Growth & Friendship


Students Benefit from Visits with Senior Citizens


Music Students Live at Cleveland Retirement Home


Raising Men Lawn Care Service


Seniors Socializing with Students


Lifetimes across Generations


Is there something in your community that you could help with? If not, what about starting something?

Be intentional when you spend time with your family or that neighbor young or old and who knows, you might start a quietly radical revolution in your own small corner of the world.

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