Mother’s Day Customs and Neat Ideas

Mother's Day, Moms, KidsYes, Mother’s Day has become commercialized, but I’ve rounded up  some creative ideas to help you honor your mom in other ways. I thought the day was pretty much just a western invention, possibly funded by Hallmark. I was wrong, kiddos  of all ages all over the planet want to make sure their moms know they’re loved. Plus, who doesn’t like to get together with family, eat good food, laugh a bit and just appreciate each other?

Take a look at these customs, are there any you’d like to try?

Most of these involve food, flowers and pampering but a few—Mother's Day Customs

Serbia, not so sure about that one, their customs involve rope and kind of sound like extortion. But you make up your own mind.

Some of my favorite ideas, which favor experiences over “stuff” are found below…

Create a Usable Keepsake

Spread out a solid sheet or tablecloth outside or in the garage. Make sure to put a protective layer of plastic underneath. Have 3-4 tubs of colorful,non-toxic, tempura type paint available and encourage the kids (it won’t take much) to put their hands and feet into the paint. Then, help them “stamp” their hand and foot prints onto the sheet, leaving a permanent keepsake of their prints behind. Next, have everyone label their prints and maybe write a note for Mom if they want. Let dry, use and enjoy. These make great picnic table covers and can be enjoyed many times over the years.  (Grandma’s love this one too)

Take an exotic “vacation.”

Even if you can’t afford to go to Paris for the weekend, you can still enjoy a little taste of France (or any other destination that intrigues you). Get some croissants for breakfast, pack a picnic lunch of French bread, cheese, and fruit, or order a meal from your favorite deli or restaurant (quiche, anyone?), and get into the flavor of the country. For an added touch, adorn your kitchen or dining room table with a red-and-white-checkered tablecloth and fresh flowers, put on some French music, and teach your kids a few basic words in French, such as “bonjour” (good morning) and “merci” (thank you).


These ideas are for those a bit more adventurous…

From Beauteeful


Day Trip to Somewhere New

One of my favorite activities is venturing off to new places and walking through towns. Dining and shopping seem to go hand-in-hand when visiting new towns, so you know I’m all over this “day trip” idea!…


Bucket List Check Off

Give yourself another reason to complete another one of your life’s goals by setting Mother’s Day to be a day where you finally complete that activity off your bucket list. Since Mother’s Day is a “family” day, how wonderful would it be to have others in your family join you on completing that task on your bucket list?

Perhaps this can be an annual tradition where you bring your mom or mother figure in your life to do something that she’s wanted to do but hasn’t yet had the opportunity. You get to be the rock star who helps check that off her bucket list. Sweet!


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Remember, simple is good, make it fun and just enjoy each other.

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