Brilliant Ideas from Remembering the Time Now on Pinterest

Pinterest, memoir, story, familyRemembering the Time is now on Pinterest! The Awesome Sauce has been cooking for the last couple weeks but now it’s ready. You can find the curated best that I’ve rounded up for you all in one place. These 11 boards of inspiration, helps, tips and sometimes just plain fun are sure to help you get started sharing your story as well as looking for the stories around you. They might be right there in your own family. They might be hiding in plain sight in a conversation with an old friend. I’ll add more inspiring, helpful pins and refine as time goes by (I think that’s a song title).




Here’s the Remembering the Time Pinterest boards that are up for exploration right now. Hope you enjoy!


What’s your Story?–story prompts, historic photos to jump start your imagination and inspire your story

Best Family Reunion Ideas–lots of fun, creative ways to make your reunion memorable

Memoir Inspiration–journal prompts, story ideas, quotes and photos to inspire your own story

Best of Remembering the Time (here’s where you’ll find some of RTT’s best blog posts)

The Art of Memory–tell your story in artistic ways, one of a kind gift ideas, craft/art inspiration

Made You Think–mostly intriguing quotes that will rumble round in your head for days

Great Ways to Improve Your Writing–practical ideas from some of the best writers

Unique Gift Ideas–family and memory themed ideas that will be remembered forever

Vintage Elegance–art nouveau, classic cars, architecture–it you like the elegance of by-gone eras explore this board

Timeless Classics–book covers, classic design, best books–lots to inspire you

New Mexico History–because, well, I’m a NM girl and I love this state. Lots of great historical photos.


Please take a look, have fun, re-pin, use and send me any great ideas you find. I’d love to hear from you!


I’ve got my farmer hat on today, irrigating my small pecan orchard in the first high temperatures of the year. We just went over 100 this week—summer is here! This hard, grubby work gives me just a taste of what my pioneer relatives must have dealt with to eke a living from the land. Wow—am I glad for ice cream, air conditioning and maybe a bit of Pinterest when the job is done for the day.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,





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