Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Mothers Day, Memoir, unique gift, siblings, Mothers Day giftMom, Madre, Mommy, Ma’am, Lisa—Whatever you call your mom or the lady in your life you love like a mother, you know that the second Sunday in May is a day to honor her. I double dog dare you to do this in a new way. Here are two unique and amazing gift ideas for you to thrill your mom this Mother’s Day:

Want something Mom can unwrap?




Memoir in a Basket

A beautiful gift basket filled with a fill-in–the-blank life story journal, an elegant pen, a list of memory prompts and questions, a consult with me (in person if she’s in Las Cruces or El Paso, by phone if she’s not) assorted coffee and tea and of course chocolate.

Gift certificates are available as well in any denomination for you to help make your mom’s story a reality. Pitch in with your siblings and give Mom the inspiration to share her story.

Memoir in a Basket–$60

Free delivery in Las Cruces

$10 shipping if mailing

Order via email at or by phone at 575-323-1048


Want to give Mom some one-on-one time?

 The Gift of Time

Most moms I’ve visited with want time with their kids, a hug, to know they are loved and cherished. So here’s a top notch idea. Give her the gift of time spent listening to her story, interview her about some of her memories. Write them up in a beautiful little book, put in a few photos of her through the years, including some when she’s a gorgeous teenager and some when she’s a gorgeous retiree.


You know what I mean. Our moms are beautiful to us all through the years. It isn’t about the mileage on the face.


Put in some photos of life before you, even though you secretly know you are the center of her world. Get to know her better, what were her dreams and hopes, what are they now? Tuck away some of those ideas for future dates with your mom. Pick at least one or two a year and make them happen.


May you have a lovely Mother’s Day


(Fellow mom and daughter)

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