What was Your Detour to Destiny?

detours, destiny, life plansOk, time to get a little goofy here. I heard a thoughtful question the other day. What detours have led you to your destiny? We often think life’s roadblocks and detours have slowed us down in our mad mad flight to reach what we believe is our “destiny”. I can’t help but giggle whenever I hear this word though  as I remember that classic 80s movie Back to the Future—“You are my density!” I still get a kick out of it– Bwwhaaa! Sorry, entirely too amused at simple things.



All kidding aside—here’s the assignment:

Interview your relatives and friends and ask them two questions:


1-“What detour or roadblock did you experience in your life that took you down a different road?”

2- “What did you learn from this?”


Be forewarned, they will usually want to know YOUR answers to the same questions. You will learn so much about those you care about by doing this mini-interview and really listening to the answers.

The legendary Paul Harvey thrilled listeners for years with his radio show The Rest of the Story. The theme of these stories was the often strange turns of events and destinies that led people from one path to another.


The whole course of a life can be changed by a fork in the road.

What detour led to your “Rest of the Story?”

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