“Everything not saved will be lost”

This is one time Nintendo got it right– you remember the “Quit Screen” message, admit it. Don’t be caught unaware–even though you may want to jump on Yoshi and ride off into the sunset, it’s time to do your homework. Awww, Mom!


Put down the controller and the remote—give yourself the gift of a bit of reflection. In 50 years no one is going to know what Mario and his compadres were all about, isn’t it up to you to share the joy and preserve this for the annals of time? Ok, so a bit tongue in cheek here but today we’re approaching things from outside the (X) box.


Older folks consistently say one of the things their grandkids want to hear about is what kind of games they played when they were young, what they did for fun, what “technology” was like back in the day.


Well, Sonny, let me just park mah T-Rex 2000 here for a minute and I’ll tell you how it was…


I must admit, my driving skills with Mario Kart were abysmal. Gah!! Why do I keep spinning around backwards? I try—but let’s just say that the “kids” have had to extract me from the corner in Minecraft too. But, hey, I play a mean game of Monopoly. And I am the Queen of 3 letter words in Boggle.


Informal Poll—Let us know your favorite childhood game


You, dear reader, can jump start the process and talk about your days of youth while they’re still fresh in your mind. Princess Peach, Bowser, Toad, Luigi or the Mario Man himself, who was your favorite and why? Or maybe you’re more of a Risk fan or Settlers of Catan. Go Fish, anyone?


While you’re reminiscing about game days with your pals, take some time and ask your folks what they did for fun. It will make for great conversation and I bet you’ll learn something new about them. Did they build forts, steer the earth with a shovel, have bottle rocket wars using trash can lid shields? Did they play dress up, soap box derbies, sledding, climbing, jumping off all kinds of things, stuff that made their mothers yell, “Don’t do that you’ll put your eye out!” Hair raising tales of derring-do—go look it up in the dictionary (bet you heard that one too).


What made you feel like Super Mario with all the stars twinkling around you as you zipped off on your next quest? Remember the joy of imagination!


Hope the only quit screen message you get is an April Fool’s Joke. Gotcha!

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